Things to do and see in Brighton

There's something for everyone in Brighton, things to do and see in Brighton.

Brighton is one England's famous city known around the world either for her famous beach, Palace Pier or for her gamut of festivals. Located just within an hour south if London by train, this seaside resort is full of surprises every day. With thousands of people trooping down every day either for shopping or to partake in one of her many festivals. Popularly regarded as the happiest place to live in the United Kingdom, this city has become home to many foreigners who had either visited for tourism purposes or for shopping related purposes. Brighton over the years has grown to become one the most popular destination for conferences, trade fair, and exhibitions which have continued to pull in millions of pounds in revenue for the city. It is estimated that over four million people visit Brighton every year with about 50 million pounds spent by visitors in total.

One of the big questions you may be asking is why millions of people troop to this resort which was formerly a part of Sussex. Brighton boast of several attractions and also a reputed nightlife. Some lovely things to see in Brighton are as follow;

Brighton is home to lots of fun and attractive locations not forgetting her shopping centers and numerous markets. With less crime rate, foreigners have always chosen Brighton as a top holiday destination over the years.